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At Africa Motorcycle Tours, our vision is to be the premier provider of motorcycle adventures in Africa, connecting enthusiasts with the extraordinary beauty, diversity, and cultural richness the continent has to offer. We aspire to create experiences that not only fulfill the wanderlust of our riders but also contribute to the conservation and appreciation of Africa’s natural wonders.

The Mount Kenya Circuit

  1. Tour Duration: 6 days (5 nights, 6 days)
  2. Total Distance: Approximately 560 miles / 1317 kilometers
  3. Elevation Gain / Loss: 3455 meters / 11335 feet

Tour Cost: $1115

(Inclusive of meals, accommodation, and gas and park entry fees.) Excludes tips, drinks and donations).

Self-Guided Motorcycle Adventure Tours

 For those seeking the freedom to chart their own course, our self-guided tours allow you to explore Kenya and other African destinations at your own pace.

Guided Motorcycle Adventure Tours

Join our expert guides on a thrilling journey through Africa, experiencing the best of Kenya safaris, gorilla trekking in Uganda, and beyond.

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At Africa Motorcycle Tours, we specialize in creating tailor-made itineraries that showcase the diversity of Africa. From Kenya holidays to safari trips in Africa, we curate experiences that blend adventure, culture, and wildlife.

Whether you’re planning a trip to Kenya or dreaming of a broader Africa tour, Africa Motorcycle Tours is here to make your adventure a reality. Explore the best Kenya safari tours, safari trips in Kenya, and beyond, starting your journey from Nairobi.

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