The Mount Suswa Excursion

  1. Time Needed: 1 day
  2. Total Distance: Approximately 151 miles / 250 kilometers
  3. Approximate Off-road Distance: 81 miles / 130 Kilometers
  4. Elevation Gain / Loss:650 meters / 2133 feet

Tour cost: 150USD (Inclusive of bike rental, gas, lunch, and entry fees).

Ride to one of the highest point within the Rift Valley, the Mount Suswa crater, and enjoy the nice scenery of the mountain’s scenery. Check out the different species of trees and birds in Ngong forest, the beautiful landscapes on your way to Suswa, and the Mt Suswa attraction site, including the caves, the crater and other wildlife present.

Ngong forest

From Westlands, we will head to Ngong forest via Karinde (Karen end) center. Here, you will be able to enjoy the meandering off-road trails that pass through the forest. Riding through the forest’s designated trails will make you feel the enduro energy trying to find its way out of your system. The feel of riding on the soft terrain with the jingles of scattering leaves and breaking sticks will give you an adventure sensation. From Ngong forest, we will head towards Ol Kimuka Junction and take on Ngong Suswa road. We will take a challenging an off-road that will require you to use your innate riding skills, to maneuver the rough stretches, sandy patches, and uneven sections of the road. This tour will require intermediate riding skills and a higher level of endurance. For those who would like to get the real countryside riding feeling while enjoying the scenic views will enjoy this package. It is a therapy session that will make you whole again without visiting a therapist’s office.

Lunch at Mara Gate

Upon reaching Suswa and enjoying the beautiful views of the landscape, it will be time to get lunch at Mara Gate. To make it memorable and unique, African local food will be served, including Nyama Choma (Roasted meat).  After lunch, we will head up the mountain to meet our good friend Zakayo for the tour of the mountain, the caves, where you will learn a lot. 

Mount Suswa is a shield volcano in the Great Rift Valley, Kenya. It’s located between Narok and Nairobi. Mt. Suswa is an underrated gem on the Rift Valley floor. The double-crater shield-volcano promises an unmatched hiking experience and over-delivers on breathtaking views.

The conservancy is entirely run by the Maasai community that there, meaning that all entries and camping fees go towards conservation, not just the park but the lifestyle of residents.

The Suswa caves are home to large population of bats that are said to travel as far as 30km searching for the food at night and then retreat to the caves in the morning. As you walk and crawl through the caves you can view the colonies of bats hanging from the top, asleep and dead to the world until evening when they stream out

There are over 45 entrances most of which are collapsed roofs into this caves

Another interesting feature in the caves is a rock painting in one of the Chambers attributed to the locals Maasai morans.

After the Mount Suswa excursion, we will ride back to Nairobi via the Suswa Ngong road, a well tarmacked

This tour is for those individuals who want to break the monotony of city riding, and looking forward to experiencing the mountainous countryside. It is for those who like the adventure thrill and adrenaline rush while overcoming off-road terrain obstacles and appreciating nature and the need for conservation.


Tour Cost: 150USD (Inclusive of bike rental, gas, lunch, and entry fees)